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Valuations: For insurance and peace of mind

We offer advice on valuing your jewellery for insurance purposes.

We have a fixed price for each item of jewellery that we value and will provide you with a certificate showing a full description of the item, a digital photograph and details of any distinguishing features that make your item unique. 

We are also happy to give approximate verbal values too. There is no charge for single items but a small charge may apply if you require verbal values on a number of items.

Hallmarking: Your independent guarantee of quality and purity

Hallmarks, by law, have to be applied to:

  • Gold pieces over 1 gram
  • Palladium pieces over 1 grams
  • Platinum pieces over 0.5 grams
  • Silver pieces over 7.78 grams

Here at Krugers, we are registered with The Sheffield Assay Office. The Assay Office check that our handmade jewellery is the metal that we have specified and stamp the item to show that is has met the UK standards and regulations.

If you have your existing jewellery redesigned you do not have to have it re-hallmarked but the option is there.

Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold: The ultimate stamp of approval in precious metals

Single Mine Origin (SMO) Gold is produced from one single mining operation and refined without coming in to contact with any other gold.  In an age where traceability is paramount, SMO certification is the ultimate stamp of approval in precious metals.

By purchasing SMO gold, investors and commercial buyers have the reassurance of knowing the exact chain of custody of their gold.

It guarantees that buyers are supporting a principled and legitimate operation where sustainability initiatives are a fundamental duty, carried out in compliance with international best practice.

The purchase of SMO gold contributes towards the breadth of sustainable development initiatives, comprising environment, education, health, training and employment.

SMO standards are not just advocated at the mining operation; they are present at every stage of production.

This is why SMO gold coins are minted by the UK’s only Fair Trade refiner, Betts Metals, a company that has been smelting and refining precious metals in the UK since 1760 and which supplies all our gold.