Coeur De Lion, Stainless Steel Gold Plated Multi Colour Necklace


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GeoCUBE Iconic Nature Chain necklace dopamine
GeoCUBE necklace in dopamine shades. At COEUR DE LION, we have known for a long time what science has now confirmed: that vibrant, bright colours have a positive influence on our mood. Wearing them – so-called dopamine dressing – automatically puts you in a good mood. The sensational colour spectrum of our dopamine-look models is largely created by natural gemstones: red and blue aventurine and harmonious rose quartz. This design twins all of these with a modern sliding fastener, allowing you to wear the necklace as a choker, mid-length or long to suit your mood. For a layered look, you can also wear it with the delicate Princess Shape Mix dopamine necklace and the small Guardian gold multicoloured pastel necklace.

rock crystal
red aventurine
blue aventurine
rose quartz
synthetic tiger’s eye
Swarovski Crystals
rhinestone rondelles
crystal glass
stainless steel gold
74 cm + adjustable from 30 up to 79 cm

Sliding closure stainless steel gold

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